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past Eve and

"past Eve and": "pa|st Eve an|d": "pa" & "Stephen"

(remark by Hugh Kenner to Brenda Maddox, who mentions in her biography of Nora)

cf.: "A child is sleeping:/ An old man gone." (JJ., Ecce Puer, February 1932, on the coincidence of his grandson's Stephen's birth and of his father's John Joyce's death)

and here the whole poem:

Of the dark past
A child is born;
With joy and grief
My heart is torn.

Calm in his cradle
The living lies.
May love and mercy
Unclose his eyes!

Young life is breathed
On the glass;
The world that was not
Comes to pass.

A child is sleeping:
An old man gone.
O, father forsaken,
Forgive your son!
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