avium concentus in agris (leopold_paula_b) wrote in finneganswake,
avium concentus in agris

play popeye antipop

My wish for Christmas would be a book about "Charleston, Comics, and Cinema. Flapper Culture and Finnegans Wake". Does anybody know any work like that?

Anybody else interested in such topics? We might start some gathering:

Black Bottom (dance), Charlie Chaplin, Mutt and Jeff, Popeye, "Yes, We Have No Bananas"...

I am thinking about making lists like the following ones

about Popeye:

as innocens with anaclete play popeye antipop (13.29f)
I appop pie oath, Phillyps Captain (67.22)
the already unhappiness of this our popeyed world (189.10)
Olive d'Oyly and Winnie Carr (279.F1)
pfoor puff pive pippive, poopive (282.31f)
I am yam (481.35)
D'Oyly Owens (574.1)
I yam as I yam (604.23)

"Yes, We Have No Bananas":

Yass We've Had His Badannas (71.11f)
yea, he hath no mananas (170.20)

What comes to your minds?
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